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"Mark, Free? Great! Why are you doing this?"

We are offering Free Listing Tours to you in order that you can experience the ease and quality of our sevices. Bainbridge has lots of subscription based products- VOW, IDX, e-mail and web hosting we'd like you to consider. Free Listing Tours will always continue to be, well 'free'!

"What about leads? Are you going to charge me a fee for access to the leads my public tour generates? "

The tour we send to MLS is IDX compliant, that is, we remove listing office and agent references. Access to other agents' buyers is determined by your offer of compensation to other participants. However, with your free, branded public tour, consumer inquiries will be directly sent to you via email or phone call.

Free Listing Tours will never sell you the leads your listing tour generates. It's free.

"OK. I get it. Free Listing Tours is free. But won't this take me a lot of time to create and get online? Why should I bother?"

We created Free Listing Tours.com in the belief that every listing deserves an attractive media representation. Home buyers expect visual presentation and animation. A lot of agents feel that virtual tours are for 'substantial' or 'special' listings. I can assure you, every seller considers their property to be 'substantial' and 'special'.

We've made it quick and easy for you to build your tour- starting with the same photos you have already submitted to MLS. In order to keep our support costs low, we've worked very hard to simplify your tours' creation so you won't need much help. We are always here to help you though.

"So I've built my Free Listing Tours. How is this going to help me sell the listing?"

For starters, showing your seller the exemplary effort you've performed- most agents don't attempt a tour, goes a long way to winning the cooperation and concessions you'll need to move the property. Media tours generate more interest by consumers- raising demand for listings that have them versus listings that don't- whether the tour is presented by you or another mls participant.

Free Listing Tours generates a free, unique url for your branded tour and we submit them directly to google, yahoo, and msn's search crawlers (along with hundreds of other search sites) so if you've included your listings address on the branded tour, chances are that a search for your listings address will yield you directly to the consumer. There are a lot of scrapers out there sitting on listing addresses that are seeking to capture buyer traffic directly, or on behalf of their advertisers. We've had great success in getting free, top placements with the tours. You ought to search the web for your listing's address and see for yourself.

"How long will my tour remain online, free?"

Right now our plan is to keep your free tour online for as long as you want it.

"Allright. What about my name, photo, logo and direct phone number? Realtor.com and others have a charge for these items. How much do I need to pay?"

Free Listing tours are totally free. Your picture, logo, phone, name, address will appear right on the branded tour free (non-mls version) as soon as you post that information to your free account.

"What about vistor tracking? Certainly you charge for that!"

No, sorry, visitor tracking reports are totally free of charge as well. In fact, what is so great about listing tours is that both the mls version and branded version have visitor traffic reports. Since all the mls's 'link out' to tours, this is really your only opportunity to get your seller reports on mls traffic visits.

"Ok, Mark. I'm ready to start. Is their anything else I need to know?"

Well, in case I didn't mention it. FreeListingTours.com is free of charge! Just .